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Which underwear should you wear based on your shape?

Underwears are important. They help you maintain the shape as well as support your butts. Like bras, where you need to find the perfect fit for your health, your lower wear needs to be selected with care as well. The wrong size and the wrong fit usually leads to problems apart from keeping you uncomfortable for the whole period you are in them.

Before we begin, it is important to know that there are just 5 basic butt shapes and most of us fit into either one or the other of them. So, first you have to determine your butt shape and then you should go ahead and pick the underwear which fits your size. And before you know it you’d be both comfortable and happy with the choice you made.

1. Square

A square butt is one where the line between your hip bone and your outer thigh run at right angles to the ground your waist and the end of your butt form a perfect square with the sides of your body.

The preferable bottoms needed for this shape is boy shorts or tangas. Bikinis and thongs can be comfortable too but panties with elastic-edged leg holes should be avoided as they cause bunching which doesn’t go well with the comfort aspect of your underwear.

2. V-Shape

The V-shape butt is defined by the pelvis and the hips angled inwards. The butt, therefore, takes the ‘V’ shape on its own. Women with broad shoulders and narrow hips commonly have this as their butt shape.

The preferable bottoms for this shape are briefs and boy shorts, yet again. Bikinis without high-cut leg holes could also do wonders for your butt. This shape can make your butt cheeks appear sagging and it is, therefore, important that the leg opening of the panties cups and supports the bottom of your buns.

3. A-Shape

A-Shape butts are defined by broadening of cheeks from the waist onwards and then tapering again to the bottom of your bottom. Also called ‘pear-shaped’, the butts widen just below the hip bones.

Ideally, tangas and bikinis made from stretchy lace would be perfect for you. The seamless underwears or those which are laser cut could also do the job well. These butts mean that you also have fuller thighs and, therefore, panties with high-cut legs and larger leg holes are perfect for you.

4. Round

This is the kind of butt which is being sported by the leading ladies like Kim Kardashian and it could be acquired by strengthening your butt muscles. The prominent thing about this shape is the outward projection of the butt.

Ideally, people with round butts need more coverage and more fabric. If not, then chances of you exposing your crotch increases as the underwear just shifts backward. The thing to keep in mind while getting an underwear for this shape is that it should have a four-way stretch and a center back seam which supports your butt and helps contour the shape as well.

5. Upside-Down Heart

This butt shape is somewhat similar to round butts but here, the volume is more concentrated in the lower part of the bottom rather than uniformly distributed. These butts are also less voluptuous as compared to the round ones.

The most important thing to notice while buying underwear for this shape is that the leg openings cup the lower bottoms effectively as that’s the part which will need the most support. The panty should create an illusion of a butt lift in order to support it, so bikinis and briefs with lower-cut leg openings are the best suited for this butt shape.

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